Full Name
Deirdre Van Nest
Job Title
CEO/International Keynote Speaker
Firm Name
Crazy good Talks
Speaker Bio
I’ve been an entrepreneur for over two decades. What I love most about being an entrepreneur is helping OTHER entrepreneurs become engaging and inspiring communicators.
I don’t believe in boring you with a laundry list of credentials.
However, if you’re reading this section of our website, it’s likely because you want to know more about me, so here goes:
First and foremost, I’m a wordsmith. I love and have always loved words. Words have the power to create and the power to destroy. Words actually saved my life (feel free to ask me about that).
In part, due to my love of words, in 2011 I founded a company called Crazy Good Talks®. We exist to help mission-driven entrepreneurs (financial professionals, speakers, authors, and consultants) and executives weave their words and ideas together in a way that wins business, attracts top talent, and impacts more lives.
As for my other credentials, I’m a top-rated, International Keynoter, Trainer, and Story Strategist. I’m a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Certified Fearless Living Coach, author of the book Fire Your Fear and host of the Crazy Good Talks® podcast.
I’m passionate about this work and feel blessed every day to help my clients succeed.
On a personal note, I’m an Italian, Irish, New Yorker living in Minnesota, where I try hard not to scare people with my loud voice and enthusiastic hand gestures.
I love boating, travel, wellness, reading, bible study, personal development, getting involved in causes I am passionate about, and hanging out with my family and friends.
I enjoy collaborating with talented people, so to best serve you, we team up strategic partners on certain projects. I also have an amazing core team, one who helps bring my vision to life. I’d love to introduce you to them below.
Deirdre Van Nest