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Ashley Quamme (FBKG Speaker)
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Beyond the Plan™
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Since 2010 I have been solely working in the mental health space as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. After my daughter was born, I moved into the private practice sphere where I started my own business and practice. I have been serving couples and individuals in the Augusta, GA area since that time and absolutely loved it. Here comes the ‘but.’

But I’ve never seen myself JUST doing therapy. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to diversify my business and practice. Being a couples therapist and married to a CFP® means that I hear a lot about money, money management practices, and financial planning. At the root of many financial issues are emotions, biases, problematic thinking patterns, and beliefs. For financial planners, their relationships with clients are intimate; filled with trust, attachment, and emotion, just like in our personal lives. Taking what I know about emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and relationships in the clinical space and applying them in the financial sector seemed like a natural fit. Thus, the birth of BAM Financial Consulting.
Ashley Quamme (FBKG Speaker)