Full Name
Ashley Quamme (FBKG Speaker)
Job Title
Firm Name
Beyond the Plan™
Speaker Bio
Ashley Quamme, LMFT, FBS®, CFT-I™, is a Financial Behavior Specialist®, Speaker, and Therapist. With a dynamic presence and a passion for empowering financial advisors, Ashley captivates audiences with her expertise in relational dynamics, communication, and financial psychology.
As the owner and founder of Beyond the Plan™, Ashley provides Fractional Financial Behavior Officer services to advisory firms globally. As an FBO she helps firms go Beyond the Plan™ to understand how their clients think, feel, and do money through consulting services. She is dedicated to helping financial advisory firms navigate the complexities of client psychology, communication practices, incorporating financial psychology, and providing them with the tools and strategies necessary for long-term success with clients.
In addition to her work with advisory firms, she is the owner of The Wealthy Marriage, a private practice that specializes in couples and financial therapy and coaching services. The Wealthy Marriage is dedicated to helping families and couples craft their vision of a wealthy life by helping them grow together so they can live better.
On the personal side, Ashley is a wife and mom. She has two kiddos who are very active and involved. When Ashley is not playing Uber driver or coaching for her kids, you can find her gardening or on the lake. You can connect with Ashley on most platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, and websites.
Ashley Quamme (FBKG Speaker)