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Stephanie Bogan
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Chief Possibilities Officer
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Stephanie is a business strategist, high-performance business coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. She's best known for building a successful multi-million dollar consulting business acquired by a Fortune 200 Company, retiring to the beach in Costa Rica, and then un-retiring to share how she learned to create "high-performance happiness" for herself and her clients.

With nearly 30 years working in advisory firms and in the corporate boardrooms that serve them, Stephanie has worked in and deeply understands the wealth management space, has consulted with and coaches leaders of some of the biggest, best and brightest firms, sat in Senior Executive Roles, and designed and scaled practice management, client advice and experience platforms for firms that include Genworth, United Capital and Carson Wealth.

Stephanie's known for being a sharp strategist, team builder, idea machine and skilled operator who "gets sh*t done" with a smile. She brings experience in start ups, business strategy, executive management, succession/M&A, P/E and venture capital, scaling growth, business turnarounds, strategic expansion, program adoption, branding, designing and scaling planning, advice and experience programs/offerings, and all aspects of starting, managing and growing an advisory firm and business enterprise.

A highly sought-after speaker, Stephanie engages and entertains audiences with her impactful insights on topics from mindset to M&A. She authored The author of The Power of Practice Management (Bloomberg Press), penned a column for Financial Planning, writes The Limitless Adviser column for Investment News and regularly contributes to Kites.com/Nerds Eye View, Advisor Perspectives, FA Magazine, and other industry publications.

Stephanie started her first business at 24 and sold it at 36. She's built a business portfolio that generates nearly $20M year in revenue. She retired at 40 and un-retired at 44 to help advisors, founders and leaders create accelerate their success while gaining back their time and build wildly successful businesses and lives that they love. What Stephanie calls, "high-performance happiness."

Stephanie works part-time, splitting her time between Costa Rica and Park City, serving as Chief Possibility Officer for Limitless Advisor and as a business strategist and coach to a select group of Founders that lead high-impact, high ambition firms.
Stephanie Bogan