Full Name
Jane Mepham
Job Title
Founder / Principal Advisor
Firm Name
Elgon Finanacial Advisors
Speaker Bio
I know what it means to move to a new country and be a cultural stranger despite what would have been considered some great academic credentials in the tech space.
I know the challenges of the multi-year immigrant journey starting out as a student to becoming a naturalized citizen.
I recall being frustrated at not knowing who or where to turn to for answers on personal finance as I wrestled with issues like taxes, investments, company-provided benefits, insurance etc.
I turned to friends and looking back, I was lucky to not derail my American dream with some of the suggestions I was getting, but at the same time, I missed out on some great opportunities that would have allowed me to make different financial choices.

This is what got me started on the personal finance journey – I read everything I could lay my hands on (some great, some not so great, some just completely off) and started explaining these concepts to anybody that would listen.
When friends and coworkers started reaching out to me with questions on 401ks, saving, spending, investing and more, I knew I’d found my true passion. I made it my goal to simplify wealth management and make it accessible to everybody.
Before starting Elgon Financial Advisors – a fee-only firm, I worked for a well-known national financial planning firm where our work with immigrants in the medical field, convinced me that we needed a firm specifically designed to serve successful immigrants looking for advisors who’d be culturally sensitive to their backgrounds.
Prior to becoming a financial advisor, I spent over 17 years working in the high-tech field, in various roles in the Northeast before moving to the warmer South.
I’m a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and a Series 65 wealth advisor. I hold a master’s degree in Information Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
I enjoy sharing my financial planning knowledge with others and have been featured in various podcasts and publications.
I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring Austin and trying to hold my own on the tennis court against my teenage girls, in addition to working on improving my running with the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon soon.
I love to spend time with a good book, and I have a wide taste ranging from finance to Sci-Fi to serious works of literature.
I am actively involved in the community volunteering at my local church, the Foundation Communities in Austin and a few other local organizations on the subject of financial literacy.
I am a member of the FEE-ONLY Network, CFP Board, XYPN Planning Network, the The CIGA Network, Financial Planning Association (FPA), Money Quotient, and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).
Jane Mepham