Full Name
Carolyn Moor
Job Title
Firm Name
Modern Widows Club
Speaker Bio
At 37, Carolyn Moor's life took a dramatic turn when she became a widow, responsible for two young daughters after a tragic hit-and-run on Valentine's Day. She turned this challenge into a mission by founding the Modern Widows Club, now led by her as the Visionary and President. Her TEDx talk on "How to Support and Comfort Someone Going Through Grief" earned her a spot on TED.com, establishing her as a grief support thought leader. Carolyn's advocacy and appearances, including on The Oprah Winfrey Show, have made her a pioneer in the field.

Her groundbreaking book, "Inspire, Connect, Lead: Empowering Your Widow Mentoring & Leadership Gifts," draws from over 12 years of building the Modern Widows Club, providing hope and guidance to those on similar journeys. Carolyn reshapes the conversation about widowhood, raising awareness and deepening understanding.

She extends her commitment to honoring widows' legacies with "Legendary Widows: Stories of Legacy." The book spotlights 12 accomplished widows, with proceeds supporting the Modern Widows Club's initiatives.

Carolyn's journey showcases the power of resilience, compassion, and determination. She elevates widows' lives and sets a higher standard for societal support. Learn more about her inspiring work at modernwidowsclub.org or the Widow Life Substack app at https://modernwidowsclub.substack.com/s/moor-thoughts.
Carolyn Moor