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Saundra Davis
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Program Director
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Golden Gate University
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Saundra Davis is a US Navy Veteran, financial coach, educator, and consultant. She is nationally recognized as an expert in the financial coaching field and for her work with community-based organizations that focus on asset building for the working poor.
Ms. Davis is the founder and Executive Director of Sage Financial Solutions, a San Francisco Bay area based organization that develops comprehensive financial capability programs for low- and moderate-income communities. Ms. Davis developed a financial coach training and certification program and currently facilitates training for financial coaches. Mrs. Davis received a special invitation to attend President Obama’s 2014 White House Summit on Working Families.
Saundra Davis, MCC, MSFP is a highly respected financial planner, educator, and coach who has dedicated her career to helping people achieve financial stability and prosperity. Her framework The Continuum of Financial Wellbeing is a model to ensure that all people, regardless of their income or wealth, have access to competent and ethical personal finance support. Through her training programs and Financial Fitness Coach certification Saundra has trained more than 2,000 professionals and has helped countless people develop healthy financial habits, navigate complex financial decisions, and achieve their financial goals.
In addition to her work with Sage Financial Solutions, Saundra is a regular contributor to various media outlets, including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR. She has also served as a featured speaker at conferences and events across the country, sharing her insights and expertise on a wide range of financial topics.
With over two decades of experience in financial planning, coaching and training, Saundra developed the Financial Fitness Coach® and Accredited Personal Finance Coach certification programs. The programs prepare trainees to become effective, innovative and transformational financial coaches and are designed to support financial professionals by challenging them to reach new heights in their communication with clients.
Saundra is a staunch believer in the Continuum of Financial Wellbeing, a framework she developed that guides clients to the kind of support they need, while pinpointing possible pathways for financial professionals to make an impact.
A thought leader with a fierce compassion for the community and a commitment to excellence, she’s regarded as the Financial Coach’s Coach. She has focused the lionshare of her efforts to helping people live with their money in a way that honors their values and the vision they hold for their futures. Saundra is on a mission to democratize access to financial services, which she believes will create stronger individuals, families, and communities.
Davis also holds a Master’s degree in Financial Planning, is an Accredited Personal Finance Coach, an International Coach Federation Master Certified coach, a Financial Behavior Specialist, a certified mindfulness teacher, and a certified executive coach. Her specialties include: financial coaching, financial coach training, financial planning policies, financial education, financial literacy, teaching, coaching, mindfulness, and mentoring.
Saundra Davis