Full Name
Dr. Brandy Baxter
Job Title
Financial Futurist
Firm Name
Envision 30
Speaker Bio
Brandy is the Owner and Founder of Envison30 where she coaches couples to shift their mindset and bring future financial goals into present reality.
Brandy is an Accredited Financial Counselor®, a Financial Fitness Coach®, has a B.A. in Communication, a M.S. in Management, a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Strategic Foresight.
She is the author of the book, The Three Little Divas™ Reach Your Money Goals in 3 Steps Before You Huff and Puff and Blow Your Next Paycheck Away, a book about three women and their money personalities.
In addition to serving her community by providing financial education, Brandy is involved in the veteran community. She is co-founder of At Ease Texas, a nonprofit social support organization that facilitates peer groups for women in the military community. She is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a spouse of an Air Force veteran, and strives to be a servant leader in her community.
Brandy is a 2020 recipient of the Governor’s Volunteer Award for Service to Veterans, a member of the Association of Financial Counseling Planning and Education (AFCPE®) Board of Directors, a member of the AFCPE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce, and a member of the City of Mesquite Housing Board.
Linkedin - Air Force Veteran with a commitment to excellence and integrity. Accredited Financial Counselor® and Financial Fitness Coach with experience creating and delivering financial content in a fun, yet informative way. As a trainer, knowledge is key! The audience must be challenged to grow and do something different, my expertise in delivery ensures they know more than when they arrived. I am an experienced, dynamic and engaging public speaker with a polished presentation style to capture my listeners. Owning Living Abundantly has taught me the value of providing financial education and coaching to families who are struggling with their cash flow. I am also Co-Founder of Black Girl Financial Magic, which is an association of women of color in the personal finance space who support, promote, and encourage each other to grow their businesses. Most recently, I've partnered with two colleagues to start At Ease TX, which is an organization that provides support for all women in the military community. A strong network leads to a strong net worth, and great relationships are my greatest assets!
I'm also the author of The Three Little Divas: Reach Your Money Goals in 3 Steps Before You Huff and Puff and Blow Your Next Paycheck Away. This is a fun book about three sisters and their money personalities. Readers will learn how to reach their money goals from the examples of the Divas!
Brandy Baxter