Full Name
Lee Robertson
Job Title
Founder & CEO
Firm Name
Octo Members Group
Speaker Bio
Multi award-winning wealth manager and self-confessed Scottish Presbyterian workaholic. Previously founder and former CEO of Investment Quorum and one of the advisory communities best known and most well-respected figures. A former serviceman and Past Master of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, and the driving force behind Octo.
Octo was the brain child of Lee Robertson, born out of a conversation on his sofa with Andy Brown watching an underwhelming Star Wars film whilst eating an even less appealing Chinese takeaway. In truth the film sucked but the idea didn’t. What if we could find a way of reuniting an industry that’s grown apart? What if we could reignite networking? What if we could rekindle the passion and energy of real debate?
And so the Octo seed was sown. A private social network. A real community. Crowdsourcing of the very best knowledge. An app built by the industry for our industry. Join thousands of your peers in what we believe to be the first practitioner publishing community. No product sell, no ads, no jargon and no bullshit. Just a safe space to connect, share and engage.
Lee Robertson