Full Name
Stoy Hall
Job Title
Founder/Wealth Advisor
Firm Name
Black Mammoth
Speaker Bio
Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Stoy went to college in Des Moines, Iowa, graduating from Drake University with a BSBA in finance and a minor in business law and insurance. In addition to being a four- year letter winner for the Bulldogs during college, Stoy worked at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa as the professional teen development officer. This experience led him to choose a career in financial
planning and wealth management.
Stoy’s motto: "Ridding the world of financial illiteracy," came from personal experience. It is his personal belief that financial literacy shouldn’t be limited to the ultra-wealthy, and it is his personal mission to end financial illiteracy in the general population.
Stoy is as active in the community as he is in his business, participating in events and seminars that include Females & Finance and the Black and Brown Business Summit.

LinkedIn - "To Rid the World of Financial ILLITERACY" - Stoy Hall Jan' 2018

Some may say that this goal of mine is audacious...because it is. I know that I may never achieve total financial literacy in the world (just a few billion of us to go) but I know I am going to do everything that is in my power to achieve this. You may not know but the majority of people in our society are considered "financially illiterate", most by no fault of their own. This is a tragedy to me, if we can educate each other financially a lot of our economic problems go away, a lot of our unhappiness will go away and most important our poverty will go away.

I challenge to you to come along on this journey with me as we rid the world of financial ILLITERACY, join me in this struggle. To do so follow me, I will have videos, webinars, articles and of course just reach out as I will have Q&A as well. Of course as the world is now, follow me on twitter @stoy_hall,

I cannot wait for you to join this movement I look forward to all the accomplishments we can make in our world!
Stoy Hall