Implementing Human-First Client Discovery (in Four Easy Steps)
Date & Time
Monday, March 25, 2024, 9:10 AM - 9:50 AM
Sarah Fallaw

The core of a human-first approach includes understanding a client's unique attitudes, beliefs, and experiences. How can this be efficiently accomplished while  avoiding the AI/social media trap (i.e., the uncomfortable scenario of "knowing" something about a client that the client never disclosed to you?) Self-report personality tests provide an efficient way for clients to share responses and provide quantifiable scores to the client and the advisor on a host of characteristics like money beliefs, risk composure, and agreeableness. Personality test reports can be a starting point for deeper money- and life-experience conversations. Likewise, allowing the client to respond to a personality test avoids the "ick" factor of using AI or scraping social media data in client discovery. You'll leave with a straightforward process and templates for implementing tools such as the Klontz Money Scripts Inventory-II, the Investor Profile RTQ, and general money personality tests. More importantly, you'll leave with a human-first approach to client discovery

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Breakout Session