SHIFT Official Media Partner: Rethinking65 was launched in March 2021 by a team of highly experienced publishing professionals who have devoted their careers to reporting and compiling information for financial advisors.

The goal of Rethinking65 is threefold: to offer an indispensable resource for advisors who want to help clients plan for a long life that is well-lived and purposeful, highlight ideas that create a new narrative for the second half of life, and give a greater voice to financial advisors who are implementing new ways to hlp clients near or in retirement.
Rethinking65 embraces the initiatives being advanced by organizations including the Stanford Center on Longevity and the MIT AgeLab that aim to redefine what it means to be “old” and value people at different stages of life. What “retirement” means will change dramatically over the coming decade as people live longer. In 30 years, life for “older” people won’t look like it does now. Financial advisors have an enormous opportunity to build their client base if they are well informed about this transformation as it happens and to be important leaders in changing the conversation about retirement and aging.

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Thank you, Mamava, for providing our moms with a great place to conveniently and comfortably nurse our littlest (and cutest) attendees! 

Fed up with pumping in bathrooms and borrowed spaces—Mamava’s co-founders, Sascha Mayer and Christine Dodson, applied their decades of expertise in design and brand strategy to solve a problem that was largely invisible: the lack of lactation spaces in workplaces and public spaces. 

Sascha and Christine took a human-centered design approach, starting with research, talking to breastfeeding people and employers, and creating prototypes of moveable lactation spaces that could be easily implemented into facilities. In 2013 they installed the first lactation pod in the Burlington International Airport (BTV), and Mamava was born.

Mamava’s first lactation pod, the Original, was intentionally designed for privacy and comfort for parents and quick implementation, easy cleaning, and flexibility for facilities. Its unique shape also serves to broadcast that breastfeeding is happening all the time, all around and that parents need spaces and support.

Today, Mamava offers a full line of lactation space solutions designed to fit every space and situation. Mamava pods are designed, engineered, and assembled at Mamava Manufacturing, a production facility in Springfield Vermont. They also provide breastfeeding resources for employers, organizations, and people who are pumping and nursing—including a free app that helps folks find thousands of lactation spaces wherever they go. 

Mamava's mission is to create a healthier society through infrastructure and support for breastfeeding. And, thanks to partners who share in their purpose of celebrating and supporting breastfeeding, they are closer to creating a future where there is a dignified lactation space anywhere a parent may go.


Females & Finance

Females and Finance is an education network dedicated to making the Financial Services / Financial Technology industry more inclusive to women. Member benefits include a Membership and Speaker Bureau directory, learning library access, weekly networking, podcast interview and writing opportunities, a marketing and social media library, and more!
To learn more about membership, register to participate in Sheryl Hickerson's workshop, "Building A Community" on Sunday, 8:30-11:50am (open to all attendees), or join your fellow attendees for some post-dinner drinks and yummy desserts at the Females & Finance reception hosted by Advisor2X, 9-10pm in West Courtyard (men and women welcome!) 


PodPony empowers thought leaders from diverse industries to effectively communicate their expertise and engage with their audience through top-tier podcast production. PodPony helps make the process of creating, developing, and promoting a show easy by providing resources tailored to each client's specific needs. They act as an extension of your team to deliver the best results. 

PodPony is located outside the exhibit hall entrance recording podcasts with SHIFT attendees and speakers!


BLX Internship Program

BLX’s mission is to increase the diversity of the financial planning profession to better reflect the population of our country.
As a 501c(3) organization, BLX Internship Program endeavors to create opportunities for Black and Latinx individuals to enter the profession, while also offering financial planning firms access to a broader range of skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Thank you to the BLX interns joining our team again this year to assist with the event! SHIFT is thrilled to partner with BLX Internship to provide these interns with the opportunity to meet and network with so many industry veterans and experts and learn more about Human First Financial Guidance®!

Idea Decanter

Please note: All performance coaching sessions are booked. To be added to the waitlist, please email and provide your name & mobile number (so we can contact you onsite if there is a last minute cancelation.)

Do you want to sharpen your on-camera performance, but don’t have the luxury of doing extensive & expensive training? Problem solved! Idea Decanter is offering all SHIFT attendees a FREE one-on-one performance coaching sessions for advisors. In your spot-coaching session, you’ll be trained by Idea Decanter’s video marketing experts and learn how to overcome your personal performance hang-ups. A limited number of coaching sessions are available, so sign up quickly to secure your spot! This will sell out FAST!

Idea Decanter is located outside the exhibit hall entrance.